[BEXIS2-Users] BEXIS2 v2.15 is released

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Do Aug 25 16:08:36 CEST 2022

    Hello dear community

    even though the sun is shining outside, we have continued to work. :D

    So we can release the new version earlier than expected.

    whats new?

    Attention in this version the operation table has changed. Please
    run the database update script (2.14.6-2.15).

    Furthermore, the download options for ascii have changed! The label
    now shows the separator and the file type. .csv is now exported with
    comma and .txt with semicolon.


  * API to get metadata structures as JsonSchema (#916


  * Extending the metadata api to get and update metadata based on json
    (#956 <https://github.com/BEXIS2/Core/issues/956>)
  * Modification of the ascii files download options (#858


  * Fix, system saves emails with spaces in person form (#901
  * Fix, export metadata page design destroyed after paging (#955
  * Fix, exporting data via the api now also contains the missing
    values. (#942 <https://github.com/BEXIS2/Core/issues/942>)

Release Page <https://bexis2.github.io/bexis2-github-io/software/releases/>

Github Release <https://github.com/BEXIS2/Core/releases/tag/2.15>


Besides the release, there are further changes/informations

    1. we have changed the version numbers definition

e.g. 2.15.1

2 	major changes
15 	at least one new features
1 	bugs & enhancements

    2. we have a new website

    The redirection is not yet set but you can already access it.

BEXIS2 new website <https://bexis2.github.io/bexis2-github-io>

    3. transparents to the point of invisibility

On our new page it is possible to see the current development status. 
Here you can also see when what will be developed. The release times can 

go to -> Milestones 

Furthermore, you can go directly to the processed issues via the milestones.

Thank you for reading to the end.

stay healthy

your bexis2 team

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