[BEXIS2-Users] BEXIS2 v.2.16 Released

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Mi Nov 2 10:11:16 CET 2022

Dear BEXIS2 User Community,

We are glad to inform that last Friday on 28.10.2022, we have released 
latest version 2.16 of the BEXIS2. The summary of the release are as below.

  v.2.16 <https://github.com/BEXIS2/Core/releases/tag/2.16>

Repository: BEXIS2/Core <https://github.com/BEXIS2/Core> · Tag: 2.16 
<https://github.com/BEXIS2/Core/tree/2.16> · Commit: 614d8bf 
· Released by: DavidBlaa <https://github.com/DavidBlaa>

    Help URLs are now generated automatically based on the used relaese
    version. It is not needed from now on to always update the links in
    the workspace. Empty values in the settings file (default ->
    generated links) can be still overwritten with your own customized
    help links.

    For developer: API documentation is now generated automatically.
    Files need to be copied during build (debug & relaese) into the
    App_Data. Example changes can be found e.g. in the
    BExIS.Modules.Dim.UI.csproj file. At line 45 and changes in line 379
    (#973 <https://github.com/BEXIS2/Core/issues/973>)

*Workspace changes:* BEXIS2/Workspace at 2.15...2.16 


  * Metadata Statistic API: Draft version added supporting query by
    xpath and filtering by metadata structue and dataset ids (#979


  * Metadata Structure API: Add entity type (#987
  * Primaray Data API: Improve error messages (#858
  * Data Structure API: Extend by missing values and date pattern (#974
  * Data Statistic API: Improve documentation (#975
  * Former Member: Allow for dynamic email content via settings (#976
  * Improve API documentation and automation of manual steps (#973
  * Improve automation of build process (#964
  * Add further publishing profiles (#972


  * Fix spaces in names during mapping cause JavaScript error (#265
  * Fix no dataset download, if no primary data was uploaded (#562
  * Fix metadata import via API works only with metadata structure id 1
    (#977 <https://github.com/BEXIS2/Core/issues/977>)
  * Fix metadata status not allways copied correct in a new version
    (e.g., during data import via API) (#985


This release has 2 assets:

  * Source code (zip)
  * Source code (tar.gz)

Visit the release page 
<https://github.com/BEXIS2/Core/releases/tag/2.16> to download them.

With best regards,

Jitendra Gaikwad

BEXIS2 Community Manager

Dr Jitendra Gaikwad
Project Scientist (TA3)

Community Manager
BEXIS2 Research data management system

Friedrich Schiller University Jena
21st Floor, Room 21S04 , JenTower,
Leutragraben 1, 07743 Jena, Germany

Email:jitendra.gaikwad at uni-jena.de
Phone:  +49 3641 946368

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